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SATURN Appliances is not just a set of modern household devices. We try to create for the consumer an affordable and high-quality product, which purpose is to make life easier. Millions of customers, not only in Ukraine but also in the Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, the U, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and China have given their preference to the Saturn brand for over than last 20 years. Thanks to the love of customers and high performance Saturn TM was repeatedly awarded with prestigious prizes and titles, such as Leader of the Branch, Highest Standard, Favorite Mark. Today SATURN APPLIANCES includes more than 60 supplier-factories, more than 500 types of products from LED lamps to air conditioners, refrigerators and TV sets, more than 100 service centers not only in Ukraine but also in Europe, and a full 2-year warranty. Multimedia Carment Care Kitchen Appliances Household Appliances Climat Equipment Health And Beauty Washing Machines Refrigerating Equimpent Lighting Equipment